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National Multi-Actor Platform | Land-use planning for climate neutrality

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About the MAP

In Hungary, the research group of the Department of Social Research at the Institute of Agricultural Economics coordinates the Multi-Actor Platform Land-use planning for climate neutrality. The platform operates at the national level as Hungary is considered a region by the EU Rural Development policy, and also because the topic itself is a horizontal issue: climate change and mitigation through land-use planning and management.

The MAP brings together selected members of the “Agri-Environment and Climate” subgroup set up by the Ministry of Agriculture to support the Common Agricultural Policy strategic planning process. The platform plans to analyse Hungarian rural areas’ specificities to achieve the EU Green Deal and climate neutrality goals. The main challenge is the need for optimal land-use ratios and techniques that simultaneously ensure the production of competitive and quality food raw materials, as well as climate-neutral solutions.


The specific objectives of the MAP is to answer the following key questions:

  • MAP objective 1: Is it possible to determine optimal land use rates and land use techniques (extent of artificial areas and land use categories) with the purpose of conserving biodiversity and optimisation of carbon sequestration and absorption? If the answer is yes, how?
  • MAP objective 2: How can policy interventions enable or facilitate these transitions, considering the solutions needed at our national level?
  • MAP objective 3: What are the research needs and gaps in this context?


Local citizens and businesses, national authorities and science representatives.

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