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A tool to evaluate the development of the MAPs


A webinar was organised on 14 July 2020 to present a tool that will help monitor and evaluate the 20 Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) throughout the development of the SHERPA project. The Monitoring and Evaluation Tool will assist monitors and facilitators of the MAPs to assess how platforms are working in terms of composition, expectations of the members, the balance between different types of actors, etc., as well as improving the general management of the activities. In addition, it will also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the platforms and to identify best practices on how to engage different stakeholders in multi-actor projects.

Following the SHERPA approach and based on the SHERPA discussion paper on the long-term vision for rural areas, the 20 MAPs have been developing their first position papers on the topic. The EU MAP will soon start working on a SHERPA position paper, which is expected by September 2020.

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