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SHERPA’s fourth consortium meeting


The SHERPA Consortium met for the fourth time on 22 April 2020, online.

One of the main objectives of 2020 was to implement the first MAP cycle. This has been done successfully with the development of two SHERPA Discussion Papers, 17 MAP Discussion Papers, 21 Position Papers and two SHERPA Position Papers. MAPs worked on the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas and main results were presented and discussed during the first Annual Conference of SHERPA on 30 November and 1 December 2020, followed by the publication of the SHERPA Position Paper. A pilot exercise was also carried out among three MAPs on the topic of Biodiversity and Landscape Features.

From January 2021, the work on the second MAP cycle started with the preparation of three SHERPA Discussion Papers: (i) Change in production and diversification of the economy, (ii) Climate change and environmental services and (iii) Second phase of the vision (foresight exercise).

This fourth consortium meeting had two main objectives:

  • To update SHERPA Partners on the work carried out in Work Packages and to agree on the next steps of the project.
  • To discuss the draft SHERPA Discussion Papers, the process and the next steps. This was done in three parallel sessions, where MAP Facilitators and Monitors were invited to exchange on the draft Discussion Papers.
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