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Education and health care in rural areas


The OECD has recently published the report on ‘Delivering Quality Education and Health Care to All’ in an effort to offer guidance to regions affected by the demographic change.

To help policy-makers face this challenge, the OECD has launched a new sub-series of work: Preparing Regions for Demographic Change. The first report of this sub-series analyses good practices and innovations in education and health care provision in OECD countries, and identifies areas for policy action including digital connectivity and governance.

Regarding digital connectivity, it highlights the issues faced by rural and remote areas, recognising the significant scope for digital delivery of services to mitigate challenges related to distance. On governance the report looks at issues, including fiscal ones, through which the delivery of these critical services is administered and paid for.

This first report aims to provide guidance for governments seeking to design sustainable and equitable long-term strategies for service delivery. A second report regarding the cost implications, will be launched in June 2021.

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