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Rural Voices from across Europe


The ENRD published in June 2021 the ‘Rural Voices’ report providing a qualitative analysis of the findings from stakeholder workshops contributing to the long-term vision for rural areas.

This publication records the input of more than 3000 rural citizens from 19 EU countries who participated in a series of workshops aimed at encouraging rural citizens to reflect on the social, economic, and environmental conditions of their rural areas. They also looked at how it might change over the next 20 years, what developments they would like to see and the conditions and policies needed to reach their future vision. The discussions were organised with the support of a Workshop Package ‘Welcome to our rural’ prepared by the European Commission together with the ENRD, to promote stakeholder involvement in the future Vision.

National Rural Networks played a pivotal role in helping people from across rural Europe to share their ideas, hopes and vision for the future that are captured in the report. Its content reflects the diversity of European rural areas and includes a range of thematic messages as well as identifying some common overarching messages, as well as many quotes from the rural voices who helped to contribute to its findings. 

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