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A framework for rural proofing


The European Network for Rural Development (ENRD) has recently published a document identifying the actions that must be undertaken in order to ensure that all relevant policies beyond rural development are aligned with rural needs and realities.

The working document, which expresses the views of the ENRD Thematic Group on Rural Proofing, aims to support policy-makers and all stakeholders involved in designing or implementing rural proofing mechanisms in their particular context at national, regional or local level. 

This framework of actions presents five essential activities to undertake in the short-term the rural proofing mechanism:

  1. Clear statement of strong and real political will and commitment.
  2. Establish a positive, shared vision of rural areas and clarity about the role of rural proofing in achieving this.
  3. Establish clear and coordinated roles and responsibilities.
  4. Develop a clear template and guidance and robust accompanying evidence. 
  5. Establish clear monitoring and evaluation mechanisms.

Alongside these essential actions, there are also four desirable activities to ensure that rural proofing continues to be robust for policy-makers to implement, but in this case, the actions must be performed in the longer term and not in the shorter one.

The rural proofing mechanism is one of the transversal elements outlined in the Long Term Vision for Rural Areas. It is fundamental to integrate it as part of the Better Regulation Agenda, notably to assess the anticipated impact of major EU legislative initiatives on rural areas.

Published by Miranda

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