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Future of rural areas in the south of France


In the context of the design of the new EU regional programmes (ERDF/ESF and EAFRD), members of the Multi-Actor Platform of the PACA Sud region in France have contributed to the future of rural areas and rural communities towards 2040.

The PACA Sud Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) set up within the SHERPA project has gathered representatives of research institutes and universities, civil society, private sector and public bodies.

As such, their exchanges, analysis and proposals are highlighted in a special report ‘Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, a region turned towards rurality’. The Regional Council approved the report in December 2020.

Currently, the MAP facilitator has joined a new regional working group on rurality coordinated by the public statistics office (INSEE) of the south region.

Following the first cycle output on the ‘Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas’ in the South Region, the SHERPA MAP will now start its second cycle focusing on the cross-sectoral issues already identified. This includes the reinforcement of territorial engineering, improvement of funding mechanisms and citizen participation.

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