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Galician MAP discuss the future of rural areas


On 25 September, the Galician MAP held their consensus meeting. Respecting all health restrictions and recommendations due to COVID-19, the meeting was able to be face-to-face.

The aim of the meeting was to define the position of the MAP on the future of the Galician rural areas on the horizon of 2040. The main opportunities in the medium-term for rural areas were valued, prioritising issues such as the enhancement of abandoned areas or strengthening basic public services (health, education, care for the elderly and children …). The vision of the desirable future for 2040 was specified and priority actions were discussed to move towards that desirable future. Some of the proposed actions were land use management, improving the quality of life in rural areas or promoting the bottom-up approach in public policies. In addition, the potential impacts of the COVID-19 crisis were briefly addressed.

The work developed by the Galician MAP in this first cycle of the project has been very positive. The contact maintained throughout these months has not only confirmed the willingness of members to participate, but also reaching results of great interest.

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