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Horizon 2020 results on rural innovation

@European Union, 2021

The recently published CORDIS Results Pack features 9 EU-funded projects that have been working on rural innovation potential and positively contributing to the EU’s Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas.

Many Horizon 2020-funded projects have already been applying their skills and expertise to address the issues faced by rural areas and enhance their potential to seize opportunities and contribute to Europe’s future.

Rural innovation potential is high and it is powered by a strong natural resource base and community spirit, a smart use of knowledge, local cooperation and social innovation to help overcome the many challenges faced by rural areas.

Some of the examples featured are:

  • LIVERUR created a comprehensive toolbox to help rural businesses design sustainable and innovative business models.
  • RUBIZMO worked to nurture rural pioneers in three distinct sectors (food, bio-based value chains and ecosystem services).
  • SIMRA highlighted social innovation as a means to revitalise struggling rural areas
  • ROBUST has been designing pathways to enhance synergies in the governance of urban and rural communities.
  • SALSA undertook a detailed study of small farms and food businesses.
  • IMAJINE aims to formulate new integrative policy mechanisms to address territorial inequalities within the EU.
  • NEWBIE will foster cutting-edge business models for new entrants into farming.
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