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Irish Rural Development policy up to 2025


The Irish government has recently published its Rural Development Policy 2021-2025 – Our Rural Future. The policy represents the blueprint for a post-COVID-19 recovery and development of rural Ireland over the next five years. It provides the framework to achieve the vision of transforming the quality of life and opportunity for people living in rural areas.

It aims to build on the interdependence of urban and rural areas. Furthermore, it recognises the centrality of people, the importance of vibrant and lived-in rural places, and the potential to create quality jobs and sustain a shared environment.

The ambition of this policy is to improve the digital connectivity; attract more people working in rural áreas, supporting the regeneration and repopulation of rural towns and villages; ensure access to good quality public services; contribute to the sustainability and resilience of rural communities, etc.

The process of developing this policy involved a series of consultations with key stakeholders. It builds on, but goes beyond, the Action Plan for Rural Development 2017-2019, by adopting a more strategic, ambitious and holistic approach to investing in and maximising opportunities for rural areas.

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