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MAPs adapting to current situation


Real life interaction is the foundation for effective engagement through the Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs), however the evolving situation of Covid-19 has greatly affected the process. No physical meetings are a serious drawback for the MAP development, and this has a greater impact on the newly established platforms. Even for those MAPs quite advanced in their development, the challenge is how ensure continuous commitment of their members. To add up to these challenges, some MAPs are finding it difficult to move their activities online as many operate or cover rural areas with less connectivity or knowledge to use digital tools.

Nevertheless, some lessons can be drawn from all these challenges. We need to slow down the process, use any available tool to engage smaller groups in the discussions, and this will provide the opportunity to involve all groups equally. MAP teams are definitely committed to find their way forward and achieve their objectives.

Follow their activities online #SHERPA2020.

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