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MAPs starting their second cycle

MAP facilitator & monitors during the first training in Brussels, January 2020

After a first successful cycle of the 20 SHERPA MAPs, a second cycle is starting this year. MAPs have decided the focus of their work in this new cycle and is centered around three topics: 1) Change in production and diversification of the economy; 2) Climate change and environmental services; and 3) Second phase of the rural vision.

During the first cycle, 20 MAPs were set-up across 17 European countries. Based on Discussion Papers developed by SHERPA, all 20 MAPs carried out work to bring forward their local/regional findings and input to contribute to the Long-Term Vision for the Rural Areas. Additionally, three MAPs piloted the process of the first cycle while working on the topic of ‘Biodiversity and Landscape Features’. The work undertaken by the pilots better informed both the process and the needs for establishing an engaging environment while keeping the balance of members coming from science, society and policy areas.

SHERPA is expected to implement an additional 20 Multi-Actor Platforms by the end of 2021. This is the second phase of rolling out these rural interfaces to continue engaging rural stakeholders in a meaningful way, while contributing to the development of European rural policy.

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