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Browse through the 20 new Multi-Actor Platforms set up by SHERPA. In total 41 MAPs will be working this year on four different topics, addressing specific needs of the rural areas and communities covered by their platforms.

The Multi-Actor Platforms in SHERPA are the core forum for two-way exchanges of ideas, for co-learning and co-creation of knowledge at local, regional and national levels among a wide variety of stakeholders from science, society and policy.

The work of the MAPs is materialised in a synthetic document outlining the findings on specific topics. These MAP Position Papers feed into the SHERPA Position Papers putting forward recommendations for modern rural policies and the future research agenda.

Discover the new MAPs and the topics they will be addressing throughout their activities:

  1. MAP Wallonia in Belgium
  2. MAP Sofia in Bulgaria
  3. MAP Climate-friendly villages in Czech Republic
  4. MAP Estonia
  5. MAP Pays Pyrénées Méditerranée in France
  6. MAP Nienburg in Germany
  7. MAP Central Greece
  8. MAP Peloponnese in Greece
  9. MAP Land-use planning for climate neutrality in Hungary
  10. MAP Rural Prosperity in Hungary
  11. MAP Casentino in Italy
  12. MAP Montagna Toscana in Italy
  13. MAP Vital Villages in the Netherlands
  14. MAP Climate-proof ruralities in the Netherlands
  15. MAP Zachodniopomorskie in Poland
  16. MAP Bieszczady in Poland
  17. MAP Southwest Alentejo in Portugal
  18. MAP Iasi in Romania
  19. MAP Arges in Romania
  20. MAP Norrbotten in Sweden

Browse the 41 SHERPA Multi-Actor Platforms here!

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