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A Rural Agenda for Climate Action


On 2 November 2021, the OECD launched its Rural Agenda for Climate Action during a session organised and hosted within the COP26. The political document calls for a stronger role of rural policies to contribute to climate change goals and draws attention to much-needed policy action in six areas: (1) capacity-building; (2) evidence base; (3) renewable energy; (4) land-use and ecosystem services; (5) circular and bio-economy; and (6) decarbonising transport.

The Rural Agenda outlines how countries can climate-proof rural development policies and increase the role rural policies play in reaching climate change goals. National and supranational governments worldwide are mobilising vast amounts of resources to accelerate the green transition in rural areas. The Agenda aims to support OECD Member countries in the implementation and effective use of available funds.

Find out more about OECD’s Rural Agenda for Climate Action.

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