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SHERPA’s foresight exercise


The SHERPA Position Paper on “Foresight exercise: Alternative rural futures” is now available online!

During 2020, the SHERPA project focused on contributing to the development of the European Commission’s (EC) Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas (LTVRA), which was published on 30 June 2021. This work resulted in 19 MAP Position Papers that were synthesized into one SHERPA Position Paper on the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas.

In 2021, a second stage of work on the LTVRA began with the implementation of a SHERPA foresight exercise. Foresight exercises serve as a support tool for decision-making involving different domains, especially when dealing with cross-cutting and complex issues such as the LTVRA. The SHERPA foresight exercise had the goal of informing and assisting the decision-making process through the creation of a dialogue on the future of rural areas among civil societies, researchers, and policy-makers around locally relevant matters.

The MAPs involved in this second stage of work on the LTVRA were the Portuguese MAP (Centro), the Hungarian MAP, the Italian MAP (Tuscany), the Spanish MAP (Galicia) and the French MAP (PACA Sud).

Find out more by reading the full paper here!

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