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Quality of life in Slovenian rural areas


On Monday, 22 August 2022, at the 60th international agricultural and food fair AGRA, a conference entitled ‘Quality of life in rural areas’ was held, jointly organised by SVARUN, the Agricultural and Forestry Chamber of Slovenia and the Association of Slovenian Rural Youth.  

The conference was an opportunity for the Slovenian MAP of SHERPA (SVARUN) to present the findings and outcomes of its activities.

“The pensions of farmers, as well as other rural residents, such as former factory workers, are often low, and possibilities for obtaining social support are very limited for various reasons, such as ownership of real-estate, social pressure, poor access to information. The chain of social issues thus generally originates in material hardship, which can be joined by other negative phenomena. In particular, the elderly are at risk, as well as women; young people are leaving on a large scale, and those who stay often face loneliness and addiction. A big problem in rural areas is also the hiding of hardship and the stigma that comes with both poverty and asking for help. Admitting that you have problems is taboo.”

Ilona Rac, Monitor of SVARUN MAP

The outcomes of the workshop will feed into the draft MAP position paper, which will then be circulated to MAP members for comments and then finally presented at a MAP meeting. Read more about the conference here.

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