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SHERPA discusses implementation of the rural vision


On 31 January and 1 February 2022, the SHERPA project organised the second edition of the Annual Conference. On this occasion, the project built on the previous edition and focused on taking stock of the work undertaken by the 20 SHERPA Multi-Actor Platforms.

Over 100 participants joined the virtual event to listen, exchange and share knowledge and experience with over 30 guest and keynote speakers.

In 2020, the SHERPA MAPs contributed to the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas through their own position papers. Their work was presented in the first edition of the Annual Conference. During 2021, the MAPs worked on three relevant topics for the implementation of the vision:

  • Alternative rural futures (foresight)
  • Change in production and diversification of the rural economy
  • Climate change and environmental sustainability

In addition, various Horizon 2020 projects were invited to share their perspectives and results on how the rural vision could be implemented.

SHERPA project is now starting its third year of implementation and 20 more MAPs will be set up across Europe.

A report of the conference will be made available soon. Meanwhile, the report of the previous edition can be accessed here.

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