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SHERPA MAPs exchange on climate change


At the beginning of October 2021, Facilitators and Monitors of the SHERPA Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) met online for a second meeting of the cluster on Climate Change.

The meeting was chaired by SHERPA Partner, Jorieke Potters of Wageningen University, facilitating the exchange of experiences among the SHERPA MAPs that are working on the topic of ‘Climate change and environmental services’.

The return from the summer break, meant a slower start for MAP activities, with members having less time to participate translating into a lower engagement. These challenges have delayed the delivery of activities and steps to take for MAPs to develop their Position Papers on the topic.

Nonetheless, important progress has been achieved through various forms of online engagements (live polling, one-to-one interviews, etc.). Some preliminary insights are summarised below:

  • The role of applied research in understanding the added value for farmers who adopt climate mitigation/adaptation actions or measures.
  • Opportunities can be grasped through results-based approaches, carbon markets and environmental labelling.
  • Research needs to be reinforced to provide scientific information to decision-makers.
  • Awareness raising among various stakeholders is crucial, to increase synergies of actions and measures that can be undertaken at different levels.

MAPs are foreseen to deliver their Position Paper on ‘Climate change and environmental services’ in the coming weeks.

Find out more about the eight SHERPA MAPs of the Cluster on ‘Climate Change and Environmental Services’:

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