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SHERPA MAPs working on diversification of rural economy


On 1 October 2021, Facilitators and Monitors of the SHERPA Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) met online for a second meeting of the cluster working on the topic of ‘Change in production and diversification of rural economy’.

The meeting was facilitated by SHERPA Partner Ellen Bulten of Wageningen University. Facilitators and monitors of the MAPs exchanged on some of the challenges they have faced during this period and the progress achieved so far.

As the measures for COVID-19 pandemic are being eased across Europe, several MAPs had the opportunity to organise physical meetings, which has sparked stakeholder engagement and motivation.  

At the moment, MAPs are working to develop their Position papers on the topic. Some preliminary insights were indicated during the cluster meeting.

  • Socio-economic innovation is highlighted, as innovation does not need to be restricted to digital aspects, but rather on how well-being and prosperity can be improved in rural areas.
  • Market trends seem to be leading the diversification of the rural economy.
  • Several topics were highlighted: green transition and land use planning; education and skills; entrepreneurship; access to financing; digitalisation: new business models; etc.

MAPs are foreseen to deliver their Position Paper on ‘Change in production and diversification of the rural economy’ in the coming weeks.

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