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SHERPA Practice Abstracts now online!


In September 2021, the project delivered 20 Practice Abstracts building on the experience and knowledge gathered in the first cycle of running the SHERPA Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs). These short documents are now available online.

Facilitators and Monitors of the MAPs have outlined their learnings and recommendations on the process of setting up the MAPs, engaging actors and running activities in a science-society-policy interface. The aim of the abstracts is to inform practitioners relevant to the project, such as rural organisations, Local Action groups, researchers, policy-makers, NGOs, etc., on the following topics:

  • Creating meaningful dialogue
  • Engaging the hard-to-reach
  • Balancing science-society-policy actors
  • Dealing with consensus and diversity
  • Involving civil society actors
  • Engaging actors in COVID-19 times
  • Linking to different levels of policy
  • (Dis)Advantages of online interaction/ Engaging remotely with actors
  • Capitalising on research findings
  • Feeding the policy processes

 This is the first set of Practice Abstracts that the project has delivered. A subsequent set of 20 Practice Abstracts is foreseen for the end of the project. Read all Practice Abstracts!

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