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SHERPA tool: Timeline for EU Programming


As the EU Member States are working on their national CAP Strategic Plans, the SHERPA project is making available on the website the latest updates on the progress achieved. The tool, Timeline for EU Programming, presents the key steps in EU programming by country, based on the information collected by the SHERPA partners.

Member States will implement the future CAP through the Strategic Plans at national level. These plans will combine a wide range of targeted interventions addressing the Member States’ specific needs and delivering tangible results in relation to EU-level objectives, while contributing to the Green Deal ambition. Member States thus have produced a thorough assessment of their needs based on a strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis of their territory and agri-food sector.

Access the tool to see the progress each Member State has achieved in developing its CAP Strategic Plan for the future Rural Development policy.

Further information & relevant documents:

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