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Social dimension of rural Bieszczady in Poland


On 10 May 2022, the first meeting of the Multi-Actor Platform Bieszczady in Poland took place. MAP Bieszczady is a group of representatives from local NGOs, entrepreneurs, activists, scientists as well as local government.

The meeting was organised in “Góra Smaku – Chata na Przełęczy”, in the village of  Przysłup, where MAP members talked about the social dimension of Bieszczady. This topic touches upon interpersonal relations, local activities, activation of inhabitants, but also infrastructure or natural conditions that often determine the directions of social activities.

MAP Bieszczady operates at a regional level and is coordinated by the research team of the European Rural Development Network. One of the key problems of the Podkarpackie Voivodship region is the highest unemployment rate, but there are other relevant topics identified by the MAP, such as the quality of life, negative migration balance, isolation and poverty.

During this third cycle of the SHERPA project, the MAP Bieszczady will address the topic of “Social dimension of rural areas”. A MAP Position Paper is expected in the last quarter of 2022. Find out more about the MAP Bieszczady.

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