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Toolbox for stakeholder engagement


One of the challenges of multi-actor platforms projects is how to effectively engage interested stakeholders and actors to ensure a good overview of perspectives and experiences. A successful approach or tools used, will lead to a more coordinated and a better overview of inputs within the topic addressed.

Multi-Actor Platforms are at the core of SHERPA’s rural interfaces, and to ensure a meaningful presence and continuous involvement of rural actors, effective tools are needed.

The SHERPA project has sought to address this key feature of the project by developing a toolbox of useful material that can help engage with multiple rural stakeholders and harness meaningful contributions for the future rural policy.

The Online Stakeholder Engagement Support Tool (OSES) is designed to offer hands-on guidance on methods and tools for effective stakeholder engagement. It provides 14 guidance sheets addressing key engagement methods for communication, facilitation and management of activities and interactions. It is meant to help increase awareness around core skills and competences of those facilitating the established multi-actor platforms.

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