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Czech Republic

National Multi-Actor Platform | Climate-friendly Village

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About the MAP

In the Czech Republic, the research group of Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information in Prague coordinates the Multi-Actor Platform Climate-Friendly Village (CFV). This newly established platform operates at the national level.

Land-use management in the context of climate change has been identified as the theme. The MAP CFV wants to focus on the topic of planting permanent greenery in the landscape, which reduces the impacts of climate change and can affect municipalities and LAGs in the Czech Republic. The aim is to find out what are the opportunities and barriers for creating resilient landscapes in times of climate change.


The activities of this MAP are designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • MAP objective 1: Description of the situation of the diverse landscape and the tools for its creation: Land consolidation and agroforestry in the Czech Republic (tradition, scope, strengths and weaknesses of the tools). Description of the situation in the past.
  • MAP objective 2: Description of opportunities and barriers for the development of diverse landscapes and tools for their creation, special study of two crucial topics (which shows a merit of problems): land consolidation/management and implementation, and agroforestry systems in the Czech Republic.
  • MAP objective 3: Proposal for a change for the better for the creation of diverse landscapes and tools for their creation, especially for Land consolidation and agroforestry in the Czech Republic. Looking to the future – description of what should be changed in the field of research, social policy and jurisdictional policy.


Municipalities, regional government, ministries, research universities and institutes, farmers, entrepreneurs, and NGOs from selected LAGs.

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