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EU Map

The EU Multi-Actor Platform (MAP) is the SHERPA’s rural interface established at European level to engage a mix of key actors from three target communities (science, society and policy) to exchange knowledge and to provide space for debating issues and priorities for the future development of rural areas.

The EU MAP will run in parallel to the national and regional MAPs and will work on ready-to-be-used knowledge drawn from MAP position papers, supporting the formulation of key policy recommendations that will be compiled in the SHERPA position papers.


The overall objective of the EU-level MAP is to engage representatives from civil society organisations, researchers and policy-makers at EU level in exchanging knowledge, ideas and experiences, to draw recommendations for developing modern rural policies at European and national levels, as well as concrete proposals for the future research agenda.


Soon to be published.


All meetings organised by the EU MAP will be made available here.

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