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SHERPA Final Conference

SHERPA Final Conference took place on 1-2 June 2023, at the European Committee of the Regions, Brussels (Belgium).

Since October 2019, SHERPA has worked on formulating recommendations for the future of rural areas in a variety of key topics. SHERPA has also accompanied the development of the EU Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas with the ambition to contribute to future rural policies. The SHERPA Final Conference provided the final opportunity to look back at the work done and identify, by using a co-creative participatory approach, the main SHERPA recommendations, as well as reflect on the methodology of using Science-Society-Policy interfaces. The conference gathered members of its 41 Science-Society-Policy interfaces in Brussels.

Participants had the opportunity to:

  • Co-create SHERPA’s contribution to the EU Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas, with a specific focus on the potential adjustments of the EU Rural Action Plan.
  • Co-create SHERPA’s recommendations for the wider policy framework, with a specific focus on the policy orientation for the next EU policy cycle (i.e. after 2027).
  • Explore how the Science-Society-Policy interfaces created in SHERPA can continue to contribute to rural policies after the end of the SHERPA project in September 2023.


1 June 2023

Contribution to the EU Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas – Prosperous and
Connected rural areas
Contributing to the Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas – Stronger and Resilient
rural areas

2 June 2023

Contribution to the wider policy framework
Pitches on the building blocks of the EU Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas – four rural priorities
Pitches on rural interventions
Science-Society-Policy interfaces
Pitches on the added value of Science-Society-Interfaces


Throughout the entire duration of the SHERPA Final Conference, a Rural Corridor took place. The primary objective of this corridor was to foster networking, encourage knowledge transfer, and facilitate new connections for future collaborations. Within the Rural Corridor, attendees had the opportunity to discover SHERPA’s main thematic outputs and engage with other European-funded projects.

SHERPA thematic outputs
Meet other EU-funded projects on rural areas at our conference

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