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National Multi-Actor Platform

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About the MAP

In Finland, NordRegio coordinates Multi-Actor Platform Suomi Finland. The platform operates at the national level. During 2022, the main thematic focus of the Finnish MAP will be on digitalisation and smart ruralities. This theme is of central importance for rural policy and development in Finland and it was partially addressed by the Finnish MAP already in 2021. In the Finnish MAP’s position paper dealing with Diversification of the rural economy, one of the three sub-themes examined was Smart rurality, smart communities and digitalisation. Here, aspects such as smart adaptation, smart villages and remote work were highlighted, and they have emerged on the rural policy agenda in Finland in recent years and been further propelled by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The activities of this MAP are designed so that to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • MAP objective 1: Produce a MAP Position Paper addressing the key dimensions of digitalisation and smart ruralities in Finland and presenting the main points of the MAP activities.
  • MAP objective 2: Develop recommendations for rural policy and development.


Civil society groups, NGOs, farmer organisations, research institutes, local and central government.

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