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Regional Multi-Actor Platform | Schleswig-Holstein

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About the MAP

In Germany, the Thünen Institute coordinates the German Multi-Actor Platform, operating in the region of Schleswig-Holstein.

The MAP will focus its activities on land-use management in the context of climate change with the aim to further elaborate on practical solutions and recommendations for innovative agri-environmental measures and other measures in the rural development programme post 2027.


The activities of this MAP are designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • MAP objective 1: To present and discuss (based on the SHERPA Discussion Paper and other past and ongoing Horizon 2020 projects) examples of innovative pilots and good practices in policy and market instruments supporting sustainable land-use management.
  • MAP objective 2: To identify approaches for agri-environmental and other rural development measures for sustainable land-use management applicable to the regional context and recognising social-cultural aspects of farming.
  • MAP objective 3: To co-construct recommendations for policymakers at regional, national and EU levels on supporting sustainable land-use management.
  • MAP objective 4: To produce a MAP Position Paper that synthesizes the main lessons learnt and recommendations from the MAP activities.


The MAP composition is currently under review and necessary changes in the composition are being identified. In past the MAP consisted of members representatives from society and practice (9), science (3) and policy (administration) (3).

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