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Regional Multi-Actor Platform | Central Greece

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About the MAP

In Greece, the research group of the Agricultural University of Athens coordinates the newly established Multi-Actor Platform Central Greece, which operates at a regional level.

Well known for its rich natural resources, cultural heritage, and historical monuments, Central Greece is one of the least populous geographical regions and the second largest in total area of the country. Agriculture and farming represents a significant portion of the regional economic activity, as well as tourism.

As unemployment is the main issue of this region, the platform will focus on generating employment, but also on reskilling, upskilling, entrepreneurship, and sustainable value chains.


The activities of this MAP are designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • MAP objective 1: Explore challenges and opportunities related to the topic.
  • MAP objective 2: Identify possible interventions for exploiting research, technology and innovation achievements, placing emphasis on the region’s strengths (renewable energy resources, ecologically important areas).
  • MAP objective 3: Bring together society (in all their diversity) with national, regional and local authorities and the industry working closely with EU institutions, and consultative bodies, to enhance the sustainability of the region.
  • MAP objective 4: Investigate pathways and transitions towards a sustainable rural development mindset (in adherence to Green Deal’s Farm to Fork strategy, and the biodiversity strategy).
  • MAP objective 5: Gathering knowledge from members of the local society in relation to employment, entrepreneurship, local food value chains.
  • MAP objective 6: Drawing MAP Position Paper.
  • MAP objective 7: Contributing to knowledge exchange on the topic at the regional level.


Stakeholders from society, policy and science.

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