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Regional Multi-Actor Platform | South Aegean

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About the MAP

In Greece, the University of Athens (UA) coordinates the South Aegean MultiActor Platform, which operates at the regional level.

This region can be characterised by its traditional economy, low levels of education and high degree of unemployment and depopulation.

The Region of South Aegean will be the central actor in the platform, other members are currently being invited and the first meeting is being planned.

The platform will focus on the development of sustainable policies in the region’s specific sectors, the adoption of technology and innovative environmentally friendly policies.


The activities of this MAP are designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • MAP objective 1: Promote innovation and digital transformation by proposing sustainable strategies for the adoption of modern technologies and innovative practices, and support activities that could create a framework (legal, organisational, natural resources, physical facilities, digital, funding, etc.) for achieving a large number of innovation initiatives.
  • MAP objective 2: Foster socio-economic rural development by tailoring environmentally friendly interventions exploiting research, technology and innovation achievements, giving emphasis to the strengths of the region (renewable energy resources).
  • Map objective 3: Upgrade of businesses, facilities and services and attract investments by designing actions for strengthening the entrepreneurship support structures, the resilience of the businesses, as well as the partnerships between them.


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