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National Multi-Actor Platform

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About the MAP

In Hungary, the European Rural Development Network (ERDN) – Research Institute of Agricultural Economics coordinates the Hungarian AKIS Multi-Actor Platform. The platform operates at the national level since this is most appropriate for the topic of the Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System (AKIS).

The MAP’s core group is the AKIS sub-working group established by the Ministry of Agriculture to facilitate the Common Agricultural Policy strategic planning process. It is strongly connected to an AKIS group in the Chamber and the Ministry of Agriculture. Since the platform is linked to an ongoing process, the meetings are easily planned, and simultaneously more members are invited. The platform plans to carry out: situation analysis, SWOT analysis, needs assessment regarding knowledge transfer, digitalisation and research & innovation, and it will develop policy toolkits and propose suitable policy solutions on these


The activities of this MAP are designed to achieve the following specific objective: participation in the analysis of the Topic on Digitalisation, smart ruralities, including rural-urban relations. (This topic corresponds to the area of action “Connected rural areas” of the Long-Term Vision for rural areas. It covers access to digital infrastructures and digital skills, smart services to rural communities including for example health and care, smart transport or energy solutions. It also covers rural-urban linkages. Relevant recent projects include DESIRA, AURORAL, Rural, ROBUST or the Smart Village Preparatory Action.)


Local businesses, agriculture chambers, research institutes, central government.

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