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Regional Multi-Actor Platform | Tuscany

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About the MAP

In the region of Tuscany, Italy, the University of Pisa coordinates the Multi-Actor Platform Development of Rural Areas. The platform is being established and operates at the regional level. The main challenges in the region are depopulation, extreme climatic events and service provision. Digitalisation and agro-tourism present opportunities for the development of the region.

Across the region, there is a, ongoing debate on and involving actors from many different localities on topics related to the revitalisation of rural areas with a particular focus on mountain areas, but also in relation to the tools of governance which may support entrepreneurship in the agri-food sector and the whole territory at large (food communities, rural districts, local food strategies, etc.).

Considering that two new MAPs established in Tuscany at the sub-regional level, the regional MAP will act as an umbrella MAP. It will provide both a space for broader exchange and networking and an opportunity to address common issues at a higher level of governance.


The activities of this MAP are designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • MAP objective 1: Contribute to, and gather insights from, the discussion in the two new MAPs established at the sub-regional level.
  • MAP objective 2: Create a dedicated space for exchange, learning, networking across different levels of governance.
  • MAP objective 3: Provide valuable inputs to the EU research agenda and EU policies relevant for rural areas; and at the local and regional level to the policy makers, civil society and other actors involved in rural development.


Regional government, university, LAGs.

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