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National Multi-Actor Platform

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About the MAP

In Lithuania, the European Rural Development Network (ERDN) – Lithuanian Institute of Agrarian Economics (LAEI) coordinates the Multi-Actor Platform Circular Bioeconomy (CBioLit), operating at the national level. The National Research and Innovation Strategy (RIS3) for Lithuania 2014–2020, provides the context for identifying priorities and members.

Three broad topics were defined: agro-innovation and food-technologies, inclusive and creative society, energy and sustainable environment. Selection of the topics was based upon their power, urgency and legitimacy. Members will be guided to formulate recommendations for policy on agriculture, innovation and energy. The intended impact is a safer food and sustainable use of biomaterials; development and encouragement of creative and pro-active individuals; energy and fuel production based on waste and renewable sources.


The activities of this MAP are designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • MAP objective 1: policy recommendations for agricultural policy in Lithuania;
  • MAP objective 2: policy recommendations for innovation policy in Lithuania;
  • MAP objective 3: policy recommendations for energy policy in Lithuania.


Civil society, NGOs, business organisations, farmer organisations, innovation agencies, research institutes, university, central government, chamber of agriculture.

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