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National Multi-Actor Platform | Climate Proof Ruralities

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About the MAP

In the Netherlands, the national Network of Large Rural Municipalities (P10) and the Wageningen University (WUR), coordinate the Multi-Actor Platform Climate proof ruralities, which operates at a national level.

Increasing awareness on climate adaptation in relation to rural areas is the main challenge. However, the MAP also wants to draw attention to the need for a territorial-oriented and integrated approach to tackle the issues of the future.


The activities of this MAP are designed to achieve the following specific objective:
● MAP objective 1: Organise a multi-actor dialogue on the opportunities, challenges and requirements for Climate adaptation in the rural areas of the P10 by exploring the territorial-oriented approaches, visualising the strengths of the rural areas and of local governments, and underlining the importance of city and countryside working together.


Not yet fully established, but the core of the MAP will be the members of the municipalities involved.

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