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Regional Multi-Actor Platform | Gelderland

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About the MAP

In the Netherlands, Wageningen Research facilitates the Multi-Actor Platform Greenport Gelderland. This is an existing public-private network organisation aimed at stimulating innovation, sustainable development and growth of the horticultural sectors. This platform operates at the regional level, in the province of Gelderland.

The platform will be enriched by engaging civil society actors in the discussions. The connection between the horticultural sector and inhabitants of the area is the main focus of the platform. These are stakeholders who often have different and sometimes conflicting perspectives on the development of the area. A scenario study might help develop a common vision for citizens and horticultural entrepreneurs about the future developments and the impact for the rural area. This forms the basis for coordinated action with several stakeholders. It is expected that topics and challenges will become clear in the scenario study. One topic of interest is how to create options for good housing for temporary workers without creating problems for the local citizens.


The activities of this MAP are designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • MAP objective 1: Making sensitive issues and dilemmas open for discussion among all stakeholders, by creating a scenario study and using the evaluation of scenario studies about the future of the fruit sector and the related changes versus wishes of the rural population in terms of rural planning and development. The goal is to find a way forward that all stakeholders can endorse and to identify the social and policy changes that are necessary to realise the future changes in the modernization of the fruit sector.
  • Map objective 2: To reach a mutual position on the current situation and future policies at a regional and European level around the housing and integration of (temporary) European labour migrants in rural areas. Questions to be answered are: what policies can and should be influenced at what level (local, regional, national and European)? Objective of the MAP is to also portray the local level issues with a European character at European level policy-making.
  • MAP objective 3: addressing other issues raised by the scenario studies.


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