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Regional Multi-Actor Platform | Alqueva

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About the MAP

In Portugal, CONSULAI coordinates the regional Multi-Actor Platform Alqueva, which focus all its activities in rural development.

In a region that has seen a huge change in its productive structure, with the installation of recent projects with scale and profitability, as a result of public investment in irrigation, and which is subject to increasing pressure from desertification, it is challenging for the MAP assure a correct land-use planning in the context of climate change.

For that, the MAP will develop research projects and change regional and national public policy making, especially the existing ones.


The activities of this MAP are designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • MAP objective 1: Creation of a platform that is seen by the actors as meaningful and useful tool to discuss rural policies.
  • MAP objective 2: Identification of concrete policies with influence into the Alqueva region and solutions for their implementation.
  • MAP objective 3: Determine how research can influence policy making and society.


21 members (9 from Society, 6 from Science and 6 from Policy).

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