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About the MAP

The Portuguese Central region, whose territory is very diverse and asymmetric, is an excellent example of the need for innovative, multidisciplinary, and multidimensional approaches. One of the main objectives of the Multi-Actor Platform, whose area of coverage includes the Centre Region (NUTS II), is to contribute to a strategic vision for the territory, involving the various relevant agents of the region (policy, society and science), and to identify essential investments and instruments to promote a more sustainable and territorially balanced development.

In this period, the Portuguese MAP will no longer have a regional scope, but a local one, as it will focus on a specific district of the Centro region of Portugal, Fundão. Over the past few years, Fundão has been investing in a strategy to attract investment, create jobs and foster innovation with the aim of promoting the diversification of the local economy and a socio-economic development adapted to the dynamics of the current economy marked by globalisation and digitalisation. Thus, the discussions will focus on digitalisation, smart ruralities, including rural-urban relations.

This platform is being coordinated by CONSULAI.


The activities of this MAP are designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • MAP objective 1: Creation of a platform that is seen by the local agents as meaningful and useful tool to discuss rural policies.
  • MAP objective 2: Local action policies in Fundão’s territory and the definition of actions or initiatives for their implementation.
  • MAP objective 3: Understanding how research can influence policymaking and recommendations for society.


Policy, such as regional and national authorities (6), society, such as civil society, private sector, famer organisations, farmer associations (6), and science, such as research institutes, universities, and polytechnic institutes (8).

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