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Regional Multi-Actor Platform

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About the MAP

In Romania, the European Rural Development Network (ERDN) coordinates the Multi-Actor Platform Eco Ruralis. This platform operates at a national level and is based on a national association of peasants and agro-ecological food producers in Romania. The Romanian Institute of Agricultural Economics will facilitate the activities of the platform.

Some of the challenges in rural Romania are the high number of small farms. Almost 90% of farms are subsistence and semi-subsistence, operating on areas of less than 5 ha. Half of farm managers are more than 65 years old and the younger generations are leaving the rural areas, so farm transition and farm succession are important topics.

The platform aims to support access to the land especially for younger generations, socio-ecological transition of small-scale agriculture, and to increase the role of small farming systems in rural communities/economies as main pillar for their food sovereignty.


The activities of this MAP are designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • MAP objective 1: Support agro-ecology and promote small-scale family farming.
  • MAP objective 2: Promote an agricultural system that is environmentally sustainable, economically fair and socially just.
  • MAP objective 3: Food sovereignty.


Consumer organisations, farmer organisations, LAGs, research institutes, local, regional and central government.

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