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Regional Multi-Actor Platform | Argeș

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About the MAP

In Romania, the European Rural Development Network (ERDN), coordinates the Multi-Actor Platform Argeș, which operates at a regional level. The Romanian Institute of Agricultural Economics facilitates the activities of the platform.

The main challenges in rural areas of the Argeș county are the labour and technological shortages, low diversification of rural economy, fragmentation of land operation, lack of cooperation and market integration of local producers.

The platform aims to support the prosperity of rural areas, with a special focus on mountain and hilly communities, through building of local environment that support sustainable and resilient rural development and integration of rural local economy actors in sustainable value chains.


The activities of this MAP are designed to achieve the following specific objectives:

  • MAP objective 1: Establishing a group of active and involved MAP members to discuss the main needs of rural areas for sustainability of local economy and possible directions of actions to support the building and integration of local actors on sustainable value chains.
  • MAP objective 2: Seeking agreement on the key dimensions of sustainable value chains for future rural resilience in rural areas of Argeș county.


Farmers, non-farm local businesses, research & education representatives, local and regional government, NGOs and LAGs.

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