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Czech Republic announces its own Rural Pact


In December 2021, the European Commission launched the European Rural Pact, an initiative to mobilize authorities and stakeholders to act on the needs and aspirations of rural communities in the framework of its Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas

Approximately one year later, on 27 October 2022, Czech Republic announces its own Rural Pact: a strategy that will pool together citizens, local governments and stakeholders to enhance the development of rural areas in the country.  

The announcement was made as part of a seminar held in Lednice, Czech Republic, together with the European Committee of the Regions and the Intergroup of the European Parliament on Rural, Mountainous and Remote Areas (RUMRA) and Smart Villages. 

Different high-level speakers intervened and discussed how to European funds and the Smart Villages’ concept can promote rural development.

To  know more on key messages, consult the official news here!  

Published by Carla Lostrangio

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