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EU Rural Observatory is not GRANULAR enough


Top researchers on geographical data from across Europe met at their first in-person meeting in Montpellier, for GRANULAR General Assembly (1-3 February).

Co-funded by the Horizon Europe programme, GRANULAR is a multi-national and multi-disciplinary project. It addresses the subject of the diversity of rural areas from the angle of new data and technologies in order to provide innovative tools for a better understanding of the complexity of the challenges facing these areas face and better decision-making in local politics.  

The participants of the project started testing their ideas on the ground by meeting a cross-section of local stakeholders involved in the development of local public policies in the nearby  the field and will meet, on February 2, for a day of study in the Pyrénées-Orientales.


The aim of this ground breaking project is not only to feed into the work of the Joint Research Centre, as it improves the EU Rural Observatory but also to provide new tools to better target EU policies and funds for the post 2026 period.  The ambition of this project does not stop here, GRANULAR does not only want to improve the evidence available at European level but also to make local decisions based on evidence.

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Check GRANULAR website, social media accounts (@ruralgranular) and subscribe to its newsletter! If you wish to collaborate or get in touch, you can also write directly to the project’s coordinator (Dr Tristan Berchoux, granular@iamm.fr) or the communication team (info@ruralgranular.eu).

Published by Serafin Pazos Vidal

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