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Multi-Actor Platforms | Cluster meeting


Date of event: 18 Jun 2020

Hours: 10.00 - 13.00

Location: Online,

The meeting is a follow-up to the 27 April 2020 meeting where activities planned for this year were presented to MAP facilitators and monitors. Since early 2020, facilitators and monitors enrolled MAP members and most of the MAPs are now complete.

MAPs are currently implementing the first steps of a common methodology for the development of their MAP position paper on the long-term vision for rural areas (see SHERPA approach). This exercise is based on the SHERPA Discussion Paper and the common methodological Guidelines.

The work currently undertaken by MAPs is happening in a particular context due to the COVID-19 crisis and Discussion Papers are due before the summer. Therefore, this meeting is an opportunity for the project to take stock of the work carried by the MAP and address any particular issue.

The meeting has two main objectives:

  1. To share results of the first steps of the DELPHI exercise.
  2. To share experience regarding the preparation of the Discussion paper and address possible challenges faced by MAPs.

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