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New Multi-Actor Platforms in SHERPA


One of SHERPA’s objectives is to implement a total of 40 Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) across Europe. During the first two years of the project (Phase 1), about 20 MAPs have been set-up. For the next two years (Phase 2), an additional 20 MAPs have been set up.

These MAPs act as rural interfaces, open forums for exchanges of ideas, for co-learning and co-creating knowledge. Their aim is to engage citizens, researchers and policy-makers at local and EU levels in debates, to jointly develop strategic thinking and practical recommendations for the formulation of modern rural policies and research agendas at European and regional levels.

The new 20 MAPs are listed below:

  • 1. MAP Estonia
  • 2. MAP Vital Villages (Netherlands)
  • 3. MAP P10 Network (Netherlands)
  • 4. MAP Bieszczady (Poland)
  • 5. MAP Argeș (Romania)
  • 6. MAP Iași (Romania)
  • 7. MAP CFV (Czech Republic)
  • 8. MAP Casentino (Italy)
  • 9. MAP Montagna Toscana (Italy)
  • 10. MAP Land-use planning for climate neutrality (Hungary)
  • 11. MAP SW (Portugal)
  • 12. MAP Norrbotten (Sweden)
  • 13. MAP Pays Pyrénnées Méditerranée (France)
  • 14. MAP Nienburg (Germany)
  • 15. MAP Central Greece
  • 16. MAP Peloponnese (Greece)
  • 17. MAP Zachodniopomorskie (Poland)
  • 18. MAP Rural Posperity (Hungary)
  • 19. MAP Bulgaria
  • 20. MAP Wallonia (Belgium)

Further information regarding each of the new MAPs, will be made available on the website in the coming period.

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