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SHERPA Cluster meeting on governance


Few months ago, Nordregio – partner of the SHERPA project- had published the SHERPA Discussion Paper on “Empowering rural areas in multi-level governance”. This Discussion Paper has been used by the SHERPA MAPs to start the discussion within their MAP members on the topic of multi-level governance and how it could be embedded in rural areas, as well as what are existing good practices and recommendations to do that.  

On 15th March, SHERPA Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs) met online to exchange on views and current outcomes from the ongoing discussions carried out at MAP level.

Some MAPs highlighted the need to strengthen participatory and inclusive governance, and particularly to find innovative ways to involve the rural population.

Other MAPs mentioned the importance exchanges and visits across regions, as ways to foster capacity-building and networking. In addition, it emerged the need to apply a “no silos approach”, hence increase vertical and horizontal coordination across sectors, as well as policies and laws operating at different governing levle.

The outputs of local, regional and national discussions will result into specific “fiches” and be published in SHERPA website in the upcoming months. 

Stay tuned to know more!

Published by Carla Lostrangio

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