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SHERPA’s final recommendations for rural areas


Rural areas represent 83% of the EU territory and are home to 30.6% of the EU’s population. They offer substantial natural resources, diverse ecosystems, and vibrant economic activities. However, they also face increasing challenges to their human, social, and natural capital.

After a four-year long journey, the SHERPA project has published its final recommendations to help rural areas address potential challenges and unlock existing and future opportunities to foster rural well-being.

These recommendations are based on the outputs of 41 Multi-Actor Platforms’ discussions, the SHERPA’s Position Papers and highlights from the SHERPA’s final conference. They target both policy and research recommendations, with a focus on the future and the post-2027 period and improvements to the EU’s Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas.

Check the recommendations for policy and research now!

Published by Carla Lostrangio

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