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SHERPA’s Position paper on climate change and environmental sustainability


The SHERPA Position Paper on “Climate change and Environmental Sustainability” is now available online! This document contributes to the process of making Europe – and rural areas within the European continent- climate neutral. 

Through a concerted discussion of different Multi-Stakeholder Platforms (MAPs), SHERPA gathered evidence of the types of transformational changes which are necessary to transition in an effective and just manner to climate neutrality by 2050.

Notably, the SHERPA Multi-Stakeholder Maps involved in this process have been the ones in Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and the United Kingdom, and its European level MAP. 

These MAPs have identified local threats and challenges to living and working in ways that will enable transitions towards climate neutrality, and opportunities which could or are being created and pursued. 

In particular, their reflections verted on: 

  • The transitions required to achieve climate neutrality in the context of the MAP;
  • How policy interventions can enable or facilitate these transitions;
  • The research needs and gaps.

Based on the outputs of these discussions, the  Position Paper highlights possible pathways for a just green transition, including adaptation to climate change.

Find out more by reading the full document here!

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