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Tools for regional recovery


The OECD has recently launched two online tools to help governments and policy-makers understand the impact of COVID-19 on their territories: the Regional Recovery Platform and the Recovery Dashboard.

The post-COVID period will bring the opportunity to strengthen the regional resilience of health, climate and environment, digital and employment, by addressing structural inequalities and accelerating the green transition.

The Regional Recovery Platform provides data and policies to support recovery in all regions of the OECD, by understanding the uneven social and economic impact of the crisis. A good recovery across regions can be supported through place-based policies by understanding the spatial dimension of such recovery. The initial set of indicators and information will support governments and policy-makers to:

  • Explore the impact of the crisis and the progress of the recovery across regions;
  • Understand the long-term resilience of regions and priorities for building regional resilience;
  • Identify policies being implemented internationally to support the recovery in regions;
  • Consider possible future scenarios for regions and cities that might arise from COVID-19 crisis.

The platform complements the Recovery Dashboard, which monitors the efforts of reviving the economic activity, supporting a strong, inclusive, green and resilient recovery across regions. The dashboard presents statistics at national-level.

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