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Empowering rural women to lead the digital revolution


Even though women make up half of the population, they do not have the same opportunities as men to unleash their full potential, even less in rural and depopulated areas. In addition to the gender gap, they also need to overcome the urban-rural divide to progress, which is an obstacle to equal opportunities in the European Union. That is why the European Leadership Academy has created the Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation.

This unique programme is designed to empower talented women from across different European rural communities to acquire the skills needed to lead the digital revolution in their own villages.

Throughout an intensive week, the 15 top applicants will have the opportunity to dialogue and learn from mentors and expert speakers. They will receive support and training on their journey to make a positive impact within their communities. Together they will debate and explore innovative solutions that can deliver tangible results in their regions to face the most pressing issues faced by women in rural areas.

Applications should be submitted by 27th September, but who can apply for the scholarship? Women over 18 with EU citizenship or permanent residence in one of the EU Member States. 

The inaugural edition of the Women’s Academy for Rural Innovation will take place in Castilla y León, Spain, from 23rd to 28th October 2022. Check out the agenda to know the topics that will be addressed.

Published by Miranda García (AEIDL)

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