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Shaping the future of rural areas in Alqueva


The SHERPA Multi-Actor Platforms (MAP) in Alqueva (Portugal) led by our partner CONSULAI,  organised a public session during  renowned Ovibieja Fair to reflect on the future of rural areas in Europe. The session titled “Thinking the Rural of the Future” provided significant takeaways for policymakers, stakeholders, and the agricultural community, highlighting key considerations to ensure sustainable and resilient value chains in rural communities.


During the meeting, MAP Alqueva from Portugal and our partner CONSULAI, a consultancy specializing in agriculture and rural development, presented some existing initiatives aimed at enhancing rural wellbeing and its recommendations for improving the future of rural areas.

Some of the key points that were highlighted and underlined include:

  • The need to fostering regional policies, by recognising the specific challenges faced by different regions, targeted policies can unlock the potential for sustainable development and prosperity of rural communities;
  • A call for the harmonisation of support measures, for instance by tailoring assistance programs to the needs of agricultural stakeholders, MAP Alqueva aims to empower farmers and improve the effectiveness of support measures;
  • Collaboration and integration: MAP Alqueva stressed the importance of fostering cooperation and coordination among stakeholders to drive positive change and ensure the holistic well-being of rural communities.
  • Engaging youth and rejuvenation: revitalising ageing rural areas by attracting youth was a key point of discussion. Focusing on infrastructure development, economic opportunities and creating an attractive environment.
  • Commitment to sustainable development: MAP Alqueva and CONSULAI remain committed to promoting sustainable development and progress in the agricultural sector.


Stay updated on the latest insights and initiatives from MAP Alqueva by visiting their website.

Published by Marta Mendes

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