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Title Document type Date
D4.1 Framework for identification selection and evaluation of past and ongoing research projectsDeliverable9/06/2020D4.2 SHERPA online repository design and technical specificationsDeliverable9/06/2020D2.5 Project websiteDeliverable9/06/2020D2.4 Social Media channelsDeliverable9/06/2020D2.3 Online Stakeholder Engagement Support ToolDeliverable9/06/2020D6.1 Synthesis report of the initial Dynamic Action Plans for 20 Multi-Actor PlatformsDeliverable9/06/2020D3.1 Timetable of EU negotiations & policy developments: an overview of the rural policy framework post-2020Deliverable9/06/2020SHERPA project leafletLeaflet9/06/2020
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